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Each body holds the key to its own healing. As a Holistic Center, we provide tools necessary to unlock the innate potential each of us holds inside. We work to create a safe and compassionate environment that will unlock portals in your body allowing your own energy to heal you.

Firefly Holistic Therapies LLC is not a licensed healthcare practice and should never replace seeing your licensed and registered medical or psychological healthcare providers. Spiritual healing is an internal journey which I will help you to travel through, but Firefly Holistic Therapies LLC is not responsible for the results of your inner, personal work and you should always consult licensed medical practitioners before making decisions regarding your health. No suggestions or general information shared shall constitute a diagnosis of any sort or treatment that would replace that of a licensed healthcare professional. 

I share information on this website based on my positive experiences and beliefs in spiritual healing. This information does not constitute a guarantee of success and Firefly Holistic Therapies LLC is not responsible for the accuracy, effectiveness, validity, or usefulness of any information shared on this site or during sessions. Any guidance provided is general advice and not intended to replace medical or psychological advice from licensed professionals. In using the website you accept responsibility for voluntarily choosing to use or not use any information provided.

I will always be transparent about my healing practices and it is the responsibility of clients of Firefly Holistic Therapies to disclose any allergies or hesitations related to appointments. Firefly Holistic Therapies LLC is not responsible for any negative outcomes that arise from physical or psychological reactions to our services. Though chance of risk is low, there is always the possibility of individual risks that cannot be foreseen. In using this website or our advertised services, you accept full responsibility for any consequences of use or non-use of information, discussion, suggestions, or spiritual treatments. Firefly Holistic Therapies LLC does not accept responsibility for any personal injury or death resulting from use of our website, treatments, associated information or websites, or any discussions before, during, and after appointments or otherwise..

By using our website or services, you agree to all parts of the Disclaimer above. If you have any questions, please contact us at


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