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What my clients say is extremely important to my business. Without client satisfaction, I would not have a business. That’s why Firefly Holistic Therapies is so invested in making sure that clients are happy with all services offered. Take a look at what my past clients have said about their experiences working with me and schedule your appointment today.

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"Thank you so much my soul sister. I really did feel it. I lined myself up with crystals here too and began to meditate. I felt u setting up when just before your first text I had some crystal like prism patterning in my third eye. I later had a couple flashes of light in the pineal and heard different tone frequencies throughout. I had a pain in the left side of my neck that went away too. I am feeling lighter now. Lots of different patterning happened and a large stag with beautiful antlers appeared. I believe it was the same one that appeared in the gateway on the morning when we were to do our Merkabah initiation in Grand Marais. Can u remember? So majestic. I am grateful and I witness you in your ability to run frequencies remotely with your intent and healing gifts."

Lisa Joy Meli of Green Bay Wisconsin

“To meet Carina Haley was an incredible encounter!  Her sensibility, charisma and profound energy touched my heart deeply! Together we can go much further and she can give me support to heal myself.  She is assertive and sensible, and her connection with spirituality inspires me in every way! I hope people will be drawn to Firefly Holistic Therapies during quarantine time or any time, to heal themselves and/or to feel more peace and tranquillity in their lives. We are developing a partnership with RAÍZES da Tradição’s Institute and Firefly, and the hope is to bring more shamans and alternative healers to the USA and keep the bridge between Brazil and USA in many ways. I strongly recommend Carina Haley’s Frequencies  of Brilliance work.”

Paula Jones is a Brazilian performer and actress. Director of RAIZES da Tradicao Institute, a non profit organization that support the work of Brazilian cultural living expressions throughout the diaspora

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Robson Rafael Soares 
Co-owner of Ohana Espiritualista - Fortaleza, Brazil

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