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About Me

Dreams and Aspirations

My name is Carina Haley.  I am originally from Brazil and have lived in Barrington NH for the past 30years. 

As a child my parents would always spend weekends in the country, at night it was common for us to gather in a circle in front of the lake, where other than the light of the moon and stars only rustic oil lamps were available.  There, at the circle, we would all wonder about the mysteries of life; where do we come from? Why are we here? Are we the only life in the universe?

These questions would linger throughout the weeks, months, and years...

As a teenager I loved to go to spiritual retreats, which looking at in retrospect were a very important part of my moral upbringing, but I never enjoyed the weekly 'moral obligation' to go to a catholic mass or not even going to attend youth groups. Going out of the city with family and/or friends was much more enjoyable.  Luckily, when I was around 7 years old my parents, due to disappointments with the clergy, stopped going to church.

In my twenties I traveled a lot, I always had a curiosity about other people and cultures and I was fascinated with foreign languages.  I had the opportunity to live in Germany for three years; one year as an AuPair in Wiesbaden and for two years I attended Mainz Universitate.  At the university, besides students from Europe, I met people from Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, South Korea, Lebanon, Japan, and from different countries in Africa.  I loved their food, smiles, the way they danced, but most of all I was interested in their unique stories, and beliefs.  Now I realize how unique it was that we were able to have political discussions and agree to disagree and still be friends.  At the time I realized that it did not matter where you come from; as human beings we are all ONE.  Despite all polarities in the world and even amongst our closest friends.  We are all one.

     Fast-forwarding.  About three years ago and after working many years for big companies as a Sales Rep and as Support Rep the universe seemed to be giving me signs that something was not right.  I was trying to keep control, hold control of things around me, and I thought I could. I was so wrong.  Before I knew it everything around me was falling apart.  Everything I believed was put to the test.  I found myself in deep grief. Once I understood that ( I really didn’t know what was happening, until a friend & clinical therapist explained it to me) grieving was my state, I knew I had to give myself permission and space to deal with the pain in my heart.  I needed to stop and allow myself to go through the experience and slowly reconnect with my true heart desires.  That led me to a beautiful spiritual journey. During that time I spent four days with my husband at a spiritual event in Minneapolis, there, my heart and eyes were opened/awakened, I don't know how to describe it, but I wanted to further pursue the experience I had there.  Forty days later (after that event) I found myself in a fourteen day Frequencies of Brilliance (FOB) retreat in Brazil.  There, totally immersed in the program and away from the outside world, I shed a lot of the 'inner weight' in an environment where I was supported like never before.  I went to FOB for the spiritual experience and as a bonus learned the Frequencies of Brilliance Therapy.  Since it was wintertime, I decided to stay in Brazil with my mother and the rest of the family and friends that I so rarely have the opportunity to visit. I went back to my roots and I enjoyed every minute of it.  While in Brazil, I became an Access Bars practitioner and facilitator, an Energetic Face Lift by AccessConsciousness practitioner and back to the US to further my knowledge in Reiki (throughout this time my mother was always applying Reiki to me) .  All these modalities were/are a crucial part of my spiritual growth that continue to help me.  These modalities help improving general health, anxiety, and difficulty in sleep, PTSD.  It helps to shed thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve.  It helps us BEING us.  It frees one of the 'programmed fears'. 

In all, my childhood questions about life mysteries seem to make sense now.  I see 'drama' in a very different way than before three years ago.  My life is uncertain, but I am certain that I am being totally supported. I hope I can be a conduit in bringing you the inner peace and joy I have found, and to help you BEING you.

From my heart to yours,


Frequency of Brilliance Therapist, Reiki Master, Access Bars Practitioner & Facilitator, Energetic Facelift by Access Consciousness 

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